How selling cross-channel increases exposure and appetite to customers.

Everything on the internet is competing for a customer’s time, attention and most importantly their wallet.  To compete against the massive fast food giants, you need to take advantage of several tricks — and listing across multiple platforms is one of the best.  Keep in mind the following rules:

Multiple platforms means more reach

Customers, despite what they tell you, always play favourites.  Whether it’s the cute logo, the bright colour scheme, or even the other restaurants the food delivery app includes, different apps will unlock for you different customer bases.  Take advantage of the digital real estate — the more customers see your brand across platforms, the increased likelihood they will order from you.

More reach means more sales

By expanding your delivery reach via the apps, chances are you’re going to sell more product.  Given you’re available everywhere, consumers are more likely to trust the legitimacy and strength of your brand — which is particularly important if you’re running a ghost kitchen.

More sales means more of a competitive advantage

With more sales, you’re likely to surpass the competing restaurants in and around your area.   Remember, for every app you aren’t listed on, that’s more traffic being diverted to a competitor, like a multinational chain, and this is what you want to avoid.  By being everywhere, you guarantee more sales.  The more sales you make the higher you’ll rank in the app home pages, again leading to more sales.  This is what we call a ‘Competitive Advantage’ and everyone (delivery apps included) loves a winner.  

Use the competitive advantage to invest more in single platform

Once you start really working out which platform you perform best on, you can then decide how and where you want to invest.  As everyone knows, delivery is not a cheap channel — but can be optimized using a range of promotional tools provided by the delivery apps.  From percentage off to free delivery, there is no shortage of campaigns that can boost awareness and subsequently sales.  At some point, this data may even provide the basis for deciding to go exclusive — at a lower fee structure —- in order to take home more at the end of the day.

Remember, signing up to these food delivery apps is effectively like putting up “virtual real estate” and your digital shopfront needs to be as convincing as your in-person one.  For ghost kitchens, this is even more important — because generally these apps are the single sales channel you must rely on when you’re first starting out.  It can cause a lot of headaches managing multiple devices, menus and channels — but in the end it’s worth it to attract more business.  But does it really have to be so painful?

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