how it works

1. enable our software

No other kitchen software lets you manage your multiple brands, locations, and delivery platforms all from only one account, one device.

Goodbye to multiple devices and logging in/out
See and manage all orders on one screen
One-click menu and brand management

2. earn more money

With a seamless experience and powerful data analytics, our powerful software allows for super scale — reach more and more customers from Day 1.

Eliminate mistakes, missed orders, and downtime
Spot revenue-growth opportunities in sales reports
Use data to negotiate with delivery platforms

3. get access

Want even more sales? Get access to a whole new delivery-obsessed audience — fandom! Earn extra revenue with our vetted brands — or let's customize one together.

Access celebrity-powered collaborations
Customize product to freely test ideas
Get paid weekly, convieniently

start earning more

Let’s chat! Your kitchen — as is — could be earning so much more, for so much less. Just klikit!

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