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Opening our own restaurant on the sunny Gold Coast in 2020, we quickly learned that online food delivery options would be critical to our survival and growth — but it wasn't all sunshine. We had 28 iPads for 7 different accounts managed by 4 people, all for customer orders that we only got to keep 40% of. 40%?!

We increasingly grew frustrated — we were doing all the work, experimenting with delivery-friendly foods, and trying everything we could to “simply” offer delivery to our customers. Yet, the delivery apps not only charged us an insane 30% to “simply” be listed, but without paying another 20-30% in promo fees, their algorithms wouldn’t let new customers notice us. We also spent endless hours in front of a screen, writing social media content, researching the best hashtags, deciding optimal posting times, and, worst of all, navigating the confusing world of paid ads. 
There had to be a better way.
So our team of hospitality, tech, and retail veterans from the likes of Ovolo, Fink, Uber Eats, and Nike set out to make online food delivery far easier, more reasonable, and cooler. Kitchens everywhere deserve to keep the fruits of their labor and also (truly) simply just focus on what they do best and love — the food.

Today klikit not only makes it easier for kitchens to manage delivery, but it also harnesses the power of fandom and top role-model creators (i.e., Internet idols on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok) to promote limited-edition food brands, which you not only create for avid fans, but get to — rightfully — keep the vast revenue of. 

We’re on the brink of taking back the power for kitchens — join us.

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