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Use your existing equipment to earn extra revenue. Produce top delivery-only brands right in your own kitchen, while still running your own restaurant.

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What Are Virtual Brands?

As part of klikit cloud, get access to top virtual brands in klikit market. These are delivery-only food brands created by celebrities, creators, and top F&B groups. By producing these in your own kitchen, you improve utilization rate while easily earning extra revenue!

How Your Kitchen Benefits

Trusted by top restaurants across Asia, we have the most powerful software solution to grow your business.

Reach new customers

Make the most of popular food trends or experiment with exciting menu items — all while still managing your existing business.

Earn cash — quickly

Virtual brands are quick to add to your business and much cheaper than starting another physical brand or restaurant. Maximize your kitchen today!

Increase your revenue

Explore a new delivery-obsessed audience — fandom. Earn more while producing food designed by top celebrities, lifestyle brands, and F&B groups!


Use klikit market to connect with others around the world — want to launch a new market?  Or alongside a new partner? Get started today!

How It Works

Choose a virtual brand

You know your kitchen best – make the most of it and earn more! Access curated brands that suit your existing kitchen, equipment, and skillsets.

Get custom training

Manage your virtual brand alongside your usual brands & kitchen operations, all from one account, one device. 24/7 support asy!

Increase your revenue

Alongside klikit market, use klikit cloud to manage all your new food delivery orders. Our powerful software and on-demand analytics help you learn how to reach and sell to more and more customers!

Start earning more

Let’s chat! Your kitchen — as is — could be earning so much more, for so much less. Just klikit!