For restaurants, it’s now priority number one

It’s common knowledge that without online food delivery platforms, many restaurants would have permanently closed during the pandemic, even though a number of Filipino institutions closed, food delivery softened the blow. New technologies and the internet impact restaurant operation astoundingly, as it not only provides a huge market potential for restaurants, but it allows restaurants to adapt, scale and succeed. 

Food delivery during COVID-19 pushed restaurant owners, perhaps begrudgingly, to adapt to the ongoing changes in order to survive. Surprisingly, for some restaurants, this change was beneficial:

Unsurprisingly, providing delivery increases sales for a variety of reasons. It's critical to stay ahead of the competition, especially in such a competitive industry. You're already behind if you don't provide a service that many others provide. Close to 12,000 restaurant owners in the Philippines joined GrabFood at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with restaurant owners realising too late that they relied too heavily on dine-in customers. 

Allowing deliveries increases your store's visibility, making it easier for new consumers to locate you. Consider yourself a hungry consumer looking for lunch on FoodPanda when you notice a new store that you like the appearance of. You may not have seen the new restaurant because, as more people buy food online rather than going out into town, you may not have noticed it. Increased visibility, of course, leads to higher sales and repeat customers.

Food delivery's most significant benefits may be summed up in a single word: convenience. There's no need to prepare ahead when purchasing online — orders can be placed and updated as needed, and there's no need to have the food collected in advance if you're ordering for an event. Additionally, like with many grocery delivery services, customers can add new products to a basket before the delivery time if they discover they need anything else from the shop. This simplifies the procedure and reduces the likelihood of missing items.

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